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Rebel With A Cause - Nasty (7) - Shokka (File, Album)

8 thoughts on “ Rebel With A Cause - Nasty (7) - Shokka (File, Album)

  1. 1. Shokka 2. No 3. Phönix 4. Lying When The Love Us 5. The Heat 6. Real Talk 7. Skit 8. Fantasia 9. Rebel With A Cause Skit Politessenhass Intelude.
  2. So you normally don't do this? Wanna tell me I am the reason you turn, bitch? Say you do it the first time, but like a pornstar you do suck my dick! Afterwards you say you got a boy waiting home in bed. Surprise you kiss him after I came in your trap! Oh you pretend to be a.
  3. Die Welt Sie lastet sehr Sehr schwer auf deinen Schultern Doch du stellst die Frage Sag mal wer hat da bloss Schuld dran?! Gezwungen auf Knien zu leben Entscheidet sich dagegen zu erheben Es fällt dir schwer doch du stehst auf Jeder Knochen er schmerzt Doch den.
  4. Jan 09,  · No Lyrics: Just tell me / Say it to my face! / I know you're something better / And I am a disgrace! / Point your dirty finger / Behind my back / Believe me you cunt / I don't want your.
  5. Jan 09,  · Nasty. Album Shokka. Skit Lyrics [Instrumental] More on Genius Rebel With A Cause Skit Politessenhass Interlude Irreversible.
  6. Jan 09,  · Shokka Lyrics: Can have it all, not good enough, no thrill anymore time for forbidden stuff. People missing, they got taken. Tortured, fucked while someone taped em. Money, money, I pay and you.
  7. Rebel with a cause! There are plus one reasons! In this fairytale you call freedom! I do not believe! And I do not applause! I turn my back and leave cause I am a rebel with a cause! And yes I gonna cause trouble. And I scream! And I fight! No rest, until the the day I die! Skit Politessenhass Hab geparkt nur 5 Minuten, komm zur.
  8. On my knees pleasing to never know whats on the move. To deny the truth! Killing with a smile! Cruel hands above us! Killing with a smile! Lying when they love us. Where is a hero when you need him most!? Where's my protection from their words what is best for me. I lost.

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