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The Last Battle

8 thoughts on “ The Last Battle

  1. Oct 18,  · The Last Battle, the last volume in the Narnian mythology, was awarded the Carnegie medal in for the best children’s book published that year.[1] That alone tells you that the quality and candor of this book was, and in my opinion still is, in a category .
  2. Overview The Last Battle is a fantasy novel written by C.S. Lewis and published in It tells the story of the last battle of Narnia and the end of the world there. It takes place years after The Silver Chair and years after the creation story recounted in The Magician’s Nephew. Narnia has been at peace for generations, but in the north trouble is brewing.
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  4. Mar 05,  · Well, "The Last Battle" is an allegory of the battle at the end of the Thousand year reign of Christ, and the recreation of heaven and earth at the end of the book of Revelations. It is C. S. Lewis' view of the falling of the stars out of the heavens and the destruction of the earth by fire that makes phenomenal reading/5().
  5. "The Last Battle," is based on the last battle of World War II in Europe when a group of surrounded American and German soldiers fought together at a castle in the Alps to defend high value French prisoners-of-war marked for death.
  6. One last fight, it’s the death throes of the 3:rd reich Justice shall be done, the final battle remains Ammo is running low, they’re depleting their machineguns Every bullet counts until surrender is announced.

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