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Seventy / Nine (Original Demo)

8 thoughts on “ Seventy / Nine (Original Demo)

  1. home on a winter day Nineteen seventy-nine And he hoped to find all the love he had Lost in that earlier time Well his sister grew up and she married. Rhyme Time Travel. Arsonists. As the World Burns. , seventy-nine Ho! (Ho!) Say ho, ho! (Ho, ho!) Ah with the A to the B, the see to the D Come on, party people get with me Swingin', I give.
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  7. Seventy-Nine, also known as 79th Patient and The Asylum, is an American direct-to-video science-fiction film written and directed by Filip Maciejewicz. The film stars an ensemble cast that includes Adrian Voo, Jonathan Rosenthal and Bo Linton.

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