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They/Them/Theirs - Worriers - Imaginary Life (CD, Album)

9 thoughts on “ They/Them/Theirs - Worriers - Imaginary Life (CD, Album)

  1. Worriers - They / Them / Theirs Lyrics. You've got a word for one, so there's a word for all. The smallest things have become which side are you on? What if I don't want something Imaginary Life Album. They / Them / Theirs Lyrics. Worriers - They / Them / Theirs Lyrics. Artist: Worriers. Album: Imaginary Life. Heyo! SONGLYRICS just got.
  2. Worriers tend to bristle against power, but their debut album, Imaginary Life, isn’t stacked with protest songs — at least not traditional ones. Led by vocalist and guitarist Lauren Denitzio, the.
  3. Produced by Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! fame, Imaginary Life employs many of the elements found on other pop punks with little regard for innovation. It consists mostly of short songs -- with some coming in under the two minute mark -- that are filled to the brim with sugary hooks, catchy riffs, and an overall bubblegum fueled sonic assault.
  4. Aug 07,  · Whether they are venting personal or social grief, Denitzio has a talent for making each word seem immediate, a trait that Imaginary Life shares with an album like Against Me!’s Transgender Dysphoria Blues. So it’s fitting (and probably not a coincidence) that Laura Jane Grace helmed the production on this effort, aiding her hand to make.
  5. Worriers - Good Luck Lyrics. So how's New England in perpetual autumn and winter? After all did you get what you asked for? A farmhouse with parquet floors. How's the h.
  6. The intelligent but engaging humanity of Denitzio's songs is one of the best things about the Worriers' first full-length album, 's Imaginary Life, and the mingled hope and cynicism of her lyrics are a fine match for her voice, which sounds like someone you'd overhear at the coffee shop saying something smarter and sharper than the other folks waiting for their Fair Trade. And if the Worriers don't sound Price: $
  7. May 22,  · Worriers got their start a few years ago with the same kind of shaggy, politically-charged punk that they’re still practicing today. They are finally getting around to putting out their debut.
  8. While Imaginary Life doesn’t stray too far from past Worriers’ releases, it resonates stronger than ever in both sound and message. It flows fittingly backwards, opening with “Jinx,” a softer song that barely hits the one-minute-mark. We are presented with what seems to be a reflection of the current state of life and a fear of change, how goods things have been and wanting to hold.

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